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जानिए कैसे देखें 12वीं का रिजल्ट


हर साल कक्षा 12 के छात्रों के लिए परीक्षा का समय आता है और इसके बाद सबसे महत्वपूर्ण मोमेंट है 12वीं का रिजल्ट। इस लेख में हम जानेंगे कि कैसे आप अपने बच्चों का और अपना 12वीं का रिजल्ट ऑनलाइन कैसे देख सकते हैं।

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Class 12th Result Online:

1. Visit the Official Website:
– The first step to check the class 12th result online is to visit the official website of the respective board. For example, if the student has taken the CBSE board exams, they should visit the CBSE official website.

2. Click on the Result Section:
– Once on the website, look for the ‘Result’ section. Click on it to proceed further.

3. Enter Required Details:
– In this step, you will be required to enter certain details like roll number, date of birth, school code, etc. Make sure you have these details handy.

4. Submit and View Result:
– After entering the necessary information, click on the submit button. Your class 12th result will be displayed on the screen.

5. Save and Print:
– It is advisable to save a copy of the result for future reference. You can also take a printout of the result for physical records.

6. Check Revaluation/Rechecking Process (Optional):
– In case you are not satisfied with your result, most boards provide the option for revaluation or rechecking. You can explore this option if needed.

7. Collect Original Marksheet:
– After checking the result online, do not forget to collect the original mark sheet from your school or respective board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Can I check my class 12th result on multiple websites?
– Yes, you can check your class 12th result on multiple websites, including the official board website, exam result portals, etc. However, for authenticity, it is always recommended to refer to the official website.

Q2. What should I do if I am unable to access my result online?
– If you are facing difficulties in accessing your result online, you can contact the board’s helpline or support system for assistance.

Q3. Is it necessary to have my roll number to check the result online?
– Yes, having your roll number is essential to check the class 12th result online. Make sure you have it beforehand.

Q4. How soon after the exams are the class 12th results declared?
– The exact timeline may vary for different boards, but generally, class 12th results are declared a few weeks to a couple of months after the exams are conducted.

Q5. Is the online result considered official, or do I need the original mark sheet?
– While the online result is provisional, the original mark sheet provided by the board is considered official. Make sure to collect it from your school or board’s office.

Q6. Can I check my class 12th result on a mobile phone?
– Yes, most board websites are mobile-friendly, and you can check your class 12th result on a mobile phone or tablet.

Q7. What should I do if there is a discrepancy in my online result?
– If you notice any discrepancy in your online result, immediately contact the board officials for rectification.

Q8. Are there any specific timings to check the class 12th result online?
– The class 12th result is usually available online for a specified period. It is advisable to check the result during the designated timeframe.

Q9. Can parents also check their child’s class 12th result online?
– Yes, parents can also check their child’s class 12th result online by entering the required details on the official board website.

Q10. What should I do after checking my class 12th result online?
– After checking the result online, plan your next steps accordingly, whether it be higher studies, applying for colleges, or exploring career options.


Checking the class 12th result online has become a convenient and quick process, allowing students and parents to access the results from the comfort of their homes. By following the steps mentioned above and keeping the essential details handy, you can smoothly check and download the class 12th result. Remember to verify the result on the official board website and collect the original mark sheet for official purposes.

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Diya Patel
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